Logos on Apparel & Merchandise

When space permits, the preferred treatment for apparel and promotional items is for the department, program or unit name to appear with the logo, separated by the appropriate amount of white space.

In some cases, you can arrange for two imprints, one for the approved logo and one for your department, unit or program name.

What You Will Find on This Page


It is required that you work with a licensed, authorized vendor anytime the Block M is being reproduced on an item you are purchasing. Michigan Medicine works closely with approved vendors to ensure our brand stays consistent. Contact identity-questions@med.umich.edu with questions or to request a list of approved vendors.

Frequently used local vendors include:


Image Group

Underground Printing


A special logo treatment has been created specifically and solely for use on scrubs. The logo should be placed on the left breast and contain no more than four lines of text.

White Coats

Faculty and staff may choose between Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan Health or University of Michigan Medical School logos for embroidery on white coats. The logo should be placed on the right breast of the white coat. Standard information listed below the logo often includes the department, division and title, as shown below.

Embroidery packages are on file with the three vendors authorized to produce white coats for Michigan Medicine (Morgan Linen, Cintas, Sohn Linen).