Logo FAQ

Logo Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the Michigan Medicine logo vs. the University of Michigan Medical School logo or the University of Michigan Health logo?

Michigan Medicine is the academic medical center of the University of Michigan. When in doubt, you can always confidently use the Michigan Medicine logo to represent any part of the academic medical center of the University of Michigan.

Where should I use these new logos?

You can use the new logo files almost anywhere you used the former logo files.

Do I need to immediately change logos on all of our materials?

There is no need to immediately dispose of materials that you have in stock that have the former logos on them. You may continue using materials you have on hand. We suggest using the new logos as you naturally produce new materials or reprint materials going forward.

How can I get a custom logo for my program?

To help our audience understand the Michigan Medicine brand and how wide ranging and inclusive our academic, research and clinical missions are, we have worked hard to develop a strong brand that unites our efforts across all three missions. In 2017, new brand guidelines were announced to add consistency and streamline our visual marks. With just a few exceptions of logos that were grandfathered in as part of that transition, our current approved logo library only include logos for our three main visual brands (Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan Health and University of Michigan Medical School), as well as Regentally approved donor-named hospitals, programs, centers and institutes.

How can I establish an identity for my program, clinic or lab without a logo?

With a legacy of more than 200 years of contributions to the world, the Block M brings tremendous power to any entity associated with it. 

The use of an approved Michigan Medicine logo in conjunction with your program, clinic or lab will bring tremendous value to how your program is perceived by your audiences.

The only authorized logos for entities that are part of Michigan Medicine are included in the approved logo library.

Unique visual marks and self-created logos are generally not allowed for use by Michigan Medicine entities, in order to strengthen our visual brand by maintaining a limited set of well-established logos. 

There are a number of creative ways you can use headlines and graphic design elements to identify your program in a unique, descriptive way, while using the Michigan Medicine logos in an approved way.  

The Michigan Medicine Department of Communication is also available to help you create materials that represent your program in a meaningful and professional way. There is no charge for working with the Michigan Medicine Department of Communication. Contact the Department of Communication.

There are many different file types in the logo download file. Which one do I use?

Each downloadable logo file contains .eps and .png files. 

An .eps file, also known as a vector file, is best used in Adobe software. These files are infinitely scalable and best to use when creating a large item. Use these for print pieces such as banners, apparel, promotional items and more. Most professional designers you work with will want access to an .eps file.

A .png file is ideal for web and other on-screen use, as well as the preferred file type for Microsoft products (Word, PowerPoint).

A .jpg file has a white background and its lower resolution makes it best for web or on-screen use. It is generally not preferred for print use.