About Our Brand


An organization’s brand is a reflection of how it is perceived by people. Michigan Medicine’s brand is shaped by how people familiar with the organization – our employees, learners and patients, for example – think about our organization.

For many people, the Michigan Medicine brand is about the care they’ve received here, people they’ve interacted with here, and experiences they’ve had with us.

Michigan Medicine’s brand also is a reflection of how people who have never interacted directly with our organization feel about Michigan Medicine – what they have seen on TV, heard from their friends, and observed online.

For both groups, it is important that the way we represent our brand visually and through words is a reflection of our organization’s mission and vision so that people get a true picture of what our organization is about. Branding, in this way, involves presenting a common look and feel, and speaking with one consistent voice.


Why is branding so important? Our brand supports and reflects the university’s mission, vision and values:

Our mission: We advance health to serve Michigan and the world.

Our vision: Our discoveries change care. Our care changes lives.

Our values: Caring, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork

We are differentiated by our tri-part mission, spanning research, education and clinical care in a way that is unique to us and brings special value to those we serve.

Our goal is to create a strong, unified visual identity. This is best achieved with consistent and correct usage of our logo and visual elements.

Included in this style guide are the approved logos and design elements, as well as specific direction and guidelines to follow when visually representing our brand.